Luminoso featured in Topbots’ “Common misconceptions brand executives have about AI”

We were excited to hear from Topbots last week that we were featured in one of their latest articles, “Common misconceptions brand executives have about AI.” This is a great and timely topic, and one that we’ve covered before on our own blog.

A few months ago, our VP of Product Management Dmitry Grenader offered his take on the general attitude towards artificial intelligence (AI): we don’t understand it, and because of that we dislike and at times even fear it. At the same time, we want AI to be a better version of ourselves, even though AI is ultimately augmented intelligence, not artificial intelligence.

Topbot’s article expands upon some of these points with a great overview of some of the less-than-accurate misconceptions executives hold about AI. Their takeaways include:

  • AI does not have to be elusive
  • AI is not a silver bullet or a cure-all
  • AI does not need to be expensive or onerous
  • AI will not replace executive decision-making
  • AI will not cost-cut you into leadership

We hope you enjoy reading the article!

Want to learn more about Luminoso?  Ask us for a demo   or get more information at!

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