[White Paper] Customer Experience and AI: The myths, the reality, and a guide to getting started

You can download the new white paper here.

Artificial intelligence (AI) wasn’t Oxford’s Word of the Year in 2016 (that honor went to “post-truth”), but perhaps it should have been. Over the course of the year, interest in AI spiked and it became one of the corporate world’s favorite buzzwords.

The challenge with any buzzword, of course, is that its meaning and applications often aren’t clear. Many of the people we met at conferences and other events in 2016 had been asked by their companies to “bring AI into our business.” But what exactly does that mean? What is AI capable of? Can it actually solve any business problems? Where should companies even start with such a nebulous project?

In our latest white paper, we answer some of those questions. We discuss the state of artificial intelligence and the key developments in 2016; describe the key challenges that companies are using AI to solve; and provide some suggestions for choosing an AI provider that will suit your needs and successfully integrating AI into your business. This handy infographic shows a few of the key takeaways:



Want to learn more about Luminoso? Ask us for a demo or get more information at www.luminoso.com!


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