[Report] The reality of artificial intelligence

You can download the report here.

What impact is artificial intelligence (AI) and unstructured data having in the age of connected intelligence?

It’s been estimated that 25 percent of job tasks in the world will be impacted by AI in some fashion within the next three years. AI isn’t just another new technology. It represents a new business paradigm.

This report features an in-depth discussion about AI and its impact on business and society worldwide between Josh Sutton, Global Head of Data and AI at Publicis.Sapient, and Catherine Havasi, CEO and Co-Founder of Luminoso. Their conversation was initially featured in a webinar hosted by Sapient Global Services and FIMA, which you can still download and view.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Four key steps to successfully implement AI
  • The Age of Connected Intelligence and the rise of unstructured data
  • Recent advances and breakthroughs in AI

Want to learn more about Luminoso? Ask us for a demo or get more information at www.luminoso.com!

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