[Case Study] How C Space used Luminoso to find key themes in caregiver feedback

New case study: How C Space used Luminoso to find key insights in caregiver data

C Space, a customer agency and Luminoso partner, manages online communities which their Fortune 500 clients tap into to learn more about their customers and drive growth. One of C Space’s clients, a global pharmaceutical company, had been collecting feedback from their community for nine months.

Their goal was to understand the mindset and struggles facing caregivers of schizophrenic people so they could develop better products/services and more effectively communicate with those caregivers. The challenge? There was simply so much data, most of in unstructured, text-based format, that analyzing it all to uncover general themes and trends would have been too resource-intensive.

C Space turned to Luminoso to help process and analyze the nine months’ worth of caregiver feedback. Download the case study to get more information about how Luminoso:

  • Rapidly uncovered key insights and trends in unstructured, text-based data without needing to train a data set or build ontologies
  • Analyzed sentiment to enable C Space and the pharmaceutical company to see what caregivers discussed positively, negatively, and – more importantly – with mixed feelings
  • Tracked differences across demographic groups, pinpointing what topics were more top-of-mind for newer vs. more experienced caregivers

You can read the full case study here.


Want to learn more about Luminoso? Ask us for a demo or get more information at www.luminoso.com!

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