[Case study] Using contact center data to find insights and streamline processes

You can download the full case study here.

Companies are increasingly realizing that their contact center data, including transcripts of phone calls, web chats, and emails, can be a valuable source of insights. For many, these insights may be as simple as understanding what the most prevalent reported issues and complaints are. These companies can then prioritize the problems that should be tackled most quickly in order to improve the customer experience.

Other companies want to use their contact center data to streamline their customer support processes. For example, they want to identify which interactions with a customer service representative could have been resolved using self-service instead. They can then use that information to adjust their self-service support system and make it easier for customers to find the information they want more quickly.

Luminoso worked with a large office supplies retailer to accomplish both these goals: identifying and resolving key issues, and streamlining self-service customer support. Over 2.5 million comments from the company’s various contact center channels were analyzed. The analysis revealed specific issues, including problems with logging in and finding important information on the company’s website, that were contributing to customer frustration.

Download the case study to get more information about how Luminoso:

  • Quickly found key topics and trends in the company’s contact center data
  • Revealed key relationships within the data that drove deeper insights
  • Helped the company prioritize issue resolution efforts and streamline their contact center processes

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