Why and how shoppers select retailers

“What is it about my store that makes customers either shop here or go to a competitor?”

It’s the question that retailers always ask us. The world of retail is fast-paced and constantly changing, and it can be a real struggle for companies to feel that they’re succeeding in this environment.

While the key to attracting and retaining customers can change from retailer to retailer, there are some fundamental drivers of customer satisfaction – and dissatisfaction – that hold true for most companies.

The “why behind the buy”

Luminoso partnered with a survey provider that captures real-time feedback on shopping experiences in order to gather consu­­mer insights about leading retail brands. Customers were asked open-ended questions to clarify why they chose to shop at a particular store and why they would or would not recommend the store to a friend. Nearly 14,000 open-ended responses regarding over 50 different retailers were analyzed to determine what drives customer sentiment and store selection.

We learned that customers prioritize convenience and location over price and even customer service. Providing a convenient shopping experience in an accessible location is just a ticket to the game – retailers have to do this to remain competitive. Those that layer on reasonable prices and a great selection are even more preferred.

Check out the case study to learn more about the insights from these open-ended comments and what they revealed about specific brands.


If you’re interested in learning more about how leading organizations are using Luminoso, check out some of our latest resources:

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