[Case Study] Using text analytics to stay ahead of the competition

As customer experience becomes more critical to business survival, companies are realizing that they must involve their customers at ever-earlier stages of the product development process. Delivering a superior experience begins with understanding users’ needs and designing the product that best suits them, rather than the other way around (as was historically the case at many companies, and is still true at many companies today).

One of our clients, a multi-national consumer packaged goods company, sells a popular men’s personal care product.  While they had – and still have – a sizable share of the market, their competitors were gradually posing more of a threat by releasing new features and designs.  This company realized that it had to make a transition to a more customer-centric product development process in order to stay on top of the market, and called in Luminoso for support.

Color Me Happy

Luminoso analyzed thousands of comments from product testers who had given feedback on different design features that the company’s product team was considering. Of the numerous insights that Luminoso uncovered, the most surprising was that the color of the product was a significant factor in the customer’s experience. In fact, it strongly impacted how emotionally attached a tester was to the product.  The product development team was able to incorporate this finding and adjust the color of the product, which now sits on shelves across the U.S. and worldwide.

This company was able to delight its customers in a straightforward, yet unanticipated way through in-depth analysis of its unstructured customer feedback data. Learn more about the survey questions they used, how Luminoso identified opportunities for improvement, and the impact that listening to their customers had on sales by downloading the full case study.

If you’re interested in learning more about how other leading brands are using Luminoso, check out some of our latest resources:

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