[Case Study] Intel: Unlocking product review sentiment to drive innovation

New case study: Intel

Intel is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to product innovation. Just last week, it unleashed its new Xeon E7 v4 CPUs including 24-core monster. While most of us don’t understand what that actually means, we assume it makes the computers we use on a daily basis smarter and faster (that’s exactly what it does, by the way).   

We now know after working with Intel that its high standard for innovation is no accident. In an effort to drive product improvement, the Consumer Insights and Analytics team came to Luminoso to understand how customers felt about their purchases. For many of our clients, that’s a relatively straightforward process. That was not the case for Intel. Intel provides processing power for hundreds of brands, including Samsung, Microsoft, and Dell, so it is generally two or more steps removed from the end user of their products. This meant that Intel’s starting point for its customer feedback analysis consisted of hundreds of thousands of online reviews of partners’ products.

Today, Intel’s findings fuel strategies for product improvement and marketing communications. In order to continuously improve partner relationships, Intel took these insights one step further by sharing key takeaways with partners in a powerful act of commitment to shared success.

Read the case study to find out how Intel made sense of the massive amounts of data at its disposal and how it leveraged the key findings from its campaign.

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