Celebrating our Partnerships

One of our newest partners is a big box retailer. We use the term “partner” in the sense that we consider all of our customers to be partners. We started to develop a relationship with this company a few months ago when we learned that they were seeking innovative methods to managing the customer experience and customer service feedback.

This big box retailer was primarily working with customer service-focused data, including:

  • post-call chat survey data
  • OpinionLab data (multi-touch customer feedback)
  • traditional open-ended survey data about customer experience and customer service

We worked with this company to identify its goals. They sought to be nimble enough to discover where customers struggle and when they become frustrated on their path to purchase, and to discover particular in areas in which they weren’t initially focused. They also wanted to have the ability to quickly rectify those issues, and to engage customers with solutions.

The road to partnership is not always easy. There are others out there who also seek to become partners with the same companies that we do. However, we come to the table with a unique and nimble approach, which our partners have validated time and time again.

When we form new partnerships, we also make a point to explore why we were successful. In this case, here’s why we made a good partner for this big box retailer.

  1. Providing immediate time to value. Our ability to derive insight from your data immediately is unrivaled. Because we don’t require the need to perform any setup, including building dictionaries, keywords, and ontologies, we save you weeks (not to mention professional services dollars)!
  2. Automated and dynamic insight discovery. With our approach to learning your data on the fly, Luminoso has the ability to find those “unknown unknowns” that you might not be focused on or think to search for in the first place.
  3. Continuing on a theme, because we have no need to pre-program our platform, we are extremely adaptable. Our newest partner found considerable value in our ability to identify themes across industry products and services, and jargon that’s particular to their business.
  4. Lastly, we were ultimately successful because of our approach to partnership development. We’re not just trying to sell you a box. We see your problem as our own, and we seek to work together to develop solutions.

We hope that you celebrate your partnerships in the same way that we do. We would certainly enjoy the opportunity to learn how we can work together to develop customer experience and customer service solutions.

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