Compass Weekly Review: May 1, 2015

There were some pretty interesting things going on last week, as there is every week! Let’s take a look at what our Denise Christie was following and what she discovered on Compass!

What we saw last week:

Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Blueberry iced coffee and doughnuts are apparently a thing, and lots of people seem to want them.
  • On the other hand, people scoffed at a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial announcing that Dunkin now serves guacamole “made with REAL avocados!” Many tweeted something along the lines of “how else would you make guac???”

Obergefell v Hodges

The Supreme Court heard arguments on marriage equality last Tuesday.

  • On Monday, people were reminding their followers that arguments for the Obergefell v Hodges case would be heard on Tuesday. There were general messages of support, links to news articles, and requests for people to join their rallies.
  • On the flip side, there was a backlash against Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s statement that she has “already made up her mind on gay marriage.” Some supported her statement, while others said that it was clear she would not be listening to the arguments with an open mind, and a few people tweeted that she should go read her Bible.
  • Meanwhile, people in Ireland are gearing up for a marriage equality referendum that will take place on May 22.

Prom and Promposals

  • Apparently, one boy rented a private plane for prom. (???) Other high schoolers were just as dumbfounded- they commented about it being a waste of money, questioned how he was able to afford it, and wondered why the couple needed to fly in the first place.
  • Justin Bieber crashed somebody’s prom. A cluster of conversation very quickly formed around girls asking him if he would go to prom with them too.
  • Promposals that have gone viral:
    • A straight guy asked his gay best friend to go to prom with him. People on Twitter shared the link to the photo/video, and commented about how sweet a gesture it was.
  • A teenager of Middle Eastern descent was suspended and banned from prom for wearing a fake bomb vest as part of his promposal. He defended his actions and said school administrators were racist. While most tweets were just links to relevant articles, those who commented thought the teenager’s actions were idiotic.

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