Compass Weekly Review: April 24, 2015

With all of the conversations taking place on Twitter, it’s incredibly difficult to listen carefully. One of the more interesting conversations we’ve been following is around the 2016 Presidential Election, and those candidates, who have been coming out of the woodwork! Let’s take a look at what Denise Christie saw lastweek.

What we saw last week: Presidential hopefuls!

Waka Flocka Flame

…. Is running for president. You can watch his announcement here:

  • The Twittersphere was thrilled. The vast majority of tweets are amused and supportive. Many state that this has made the elections interesting for the first time.
  • A small number of people are asking he’s running “for real” or if it’s just a joke.
  • Some killjoys, however, are pointing out that he’s ineligible to run because he’s 28. (The minimum age to run for president is 35.)


Marco Rubio

  • The word on the street is that Rubio is winning the “Sheldon Adelson primary,” a sarcastic term for Mr. Adelson’s (CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp.) process of determining which candidate he will support in the election.
  • A Quinnipiac University national poll found that Rubio is leading the other GOP candidates (Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and possible candidate Scott Walker).

Hillary Clinton

  • News hit this week that Hillary Clinton failed to disclose $2.35 billion in donations from Uranium One, a Russian-owned company.
  • In response, the Clinton Foundation announced that it will refile 5 years’ worth of taxes.

Rand Paul

  • Early last Thursday morning, Rand Paul’s son was cited for a DUI. Most tweets were critical of the fact that he was not arrested, despite not having insurance and having had alcohol-related run-ins with the law before. Many people cited white/wealthy privilege.
  • Ray-Ban ordered Rand Paul to stop selling “Rand-Bans,” Ray-Bans with his name printed on them, on his campaign website. The company stated that Mr. Paul had not gotten permission to use their trademark.

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