Compass Weekly Review: April 10, 2015

Another week, and many more insights to be had. Here’s a look at what our in-house Compass guru, Denise Christie, was able to glean from the mighty social media universe!

What we saw this week

Dunkin’ Donuts

  • The first Dunkin’ Donuts has opened in Orange County, CA (where Denise grew up).
  • There was also a cluster devoted entirely to people talking about wanting, buying, or drinking Dunkin’s Cookie Dough flavored coffee.
  • Also on Wednesday, all Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Connecticut were serving free coffee to celebrate the UConn women’s basketball team winning the national championship.

Red Sox:

  • Fenway Park has just opened a rooftop garden called Fenway Farms that will grow food for concessions.
  • The Red Sox will be playing the Yankees for the first time this season this weekend.

Rand Paul: Rand Paul announced that he’s running for president, so naturally we created a topic.

  • On the whole, most conservatives seem to like him better than Ted Cruz, though some are hesitant about his stand on foreign policy. Liberals also criticize him for his foreign policy, as well as for his beliefs on climate change and abortion.
  • Rand Paul’s interview with Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show made waves on Twitter. Not surprisingly, support/criticism of Mr. Paul’s actions were split roughly along party lines.
    • Conservatives felt that he was pushing back against “gotcha” statements and biased interview questions, which they say is standard in “liberally-biased” media.
    • Liberals felt that this incident proves that he does not have the temperament to do well in the presidential race. Others assert that this interview, in conjunction with another interview earlier this year where he shushed a female interviewer, reveals underlying sexism.

Absurd observation of the week: A judge ruled this week that it is legal to serve divorce papers via Facebook. Yes, really. (

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