Compass Weekly Review: Week of March 30, 2015

Since we’ve launched Compass, we have certainly been developing a unique perspective of how people communicate through Twitter. Having the ability to distill that HUGE & GLOBAL conversation into organized topics and themes has allowed us to understand the overarching discussions taking place (for better or for worse).

Here’s what our expert Compass maven, Denise Christie, discovered last week.

What we saw last week

March Madness: Conversation was gearing up for the Final Four last weekend!

  • Kentucky and Duke were favorites to win this weekend. One of those predictions was correct.
  • People were commenting about the fact that MLP Opening Day, the Final Four, and Easter all took place last weekend. They were excited about the busy week, and were partly dreading how much they’d be eating and drinking.

Red Sox: Baseball season is heating up, so we’ve started to look at what people are saying about our favorite local team. 🙂

  • Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez will not be able to play at all this season. He sustained an injury on March 13thand will be undergoing “Tommy John” surgery this week. Sympathetic messages and wishes for a quick recovery came in from across the Twittersphere.
  • ESPN featured a Top 20 list of “best moments” and listed the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series win. Sentiment on this was mixed; some people agreed, while many others commented that this did not deserve to make the list, and that ESPN is obviously biased towards East Coast teams and particularly ones from Boston.

Ted Cruz: We’ve continued to listen to Ted Cruz and reactions to his various tweets and public statements. Some of the topics of conversation included:

  • Early last week, when the Indiana RFRA bill was passed, Ted Cruz announced that he was “proud to stand” with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Reactions were split on Twitter, with some agreeing that religious freedom needed to be defended, and others criticized Ted Cruz and Gov. Pence.
  • Calling publications like the New York Times “leftist rags” and stated that Republicans shouldn’t read them. Most reactions to this on Twitter were simply to retweet links to articles about this.
  • His campaign team also reported that he raised $4 million over the 8 days since he kicked off his campaign. Again, most of the reaction on Twitter was to retweet related news articles. Some people tweeted comments along the lines of “this is proof that people will give money to anything.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Compass can benefit your organization by following social media conversations in real-time, or if you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Until next week!

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