Compass Weekly Review: Week of March 20, 2015

As y’all very well know, we recently announced the launch of our newest solution, Compass, the future of enterprise listening. Since that time, our own Denise Christie, who is Luminoso’s in-house Insights Consultant, has been giving the solution a good run for its money. Denise has been beating Compass up and learning how to get the most out of it by following prominent events.

On a regular basis, we plan to provide you with an update on those events and show you what Compass has been picking up. We hope that it gives you a good idea as to how you can derive real-time insight about your company, your brand, your competitors, trends…anything that’s being discussed on social media, really!

What we saw this week

March Madness: We’ve been diligently following the chatter around the NCAA’s March Madness. Without any games going on last week, this topic was pretty quiet. The only major ongoing conversation revolved around UCLA playing Gonzaga last Friday. (Unfortunately, Gonzaga was knocked out last night by Duke. (Full disclosure: the editor of this post is a proud Duke graduate! – Final Four!!))

Ted Cruz: When Ted Cruz announced that he would be running for president, we decided to check out what Twitter had to say. Some of the topics of conversation included:

  • Comments about the fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada but has been cleared to run for President. Many tweets pointed out that (to use an example) “7 years in, and Obama has not been vetted yet. Cruz got it over with in 3 days.”
  • The controversy about Cruz signing up for Obamacare. There were 3 main threads in this conversation:
    • Comments about the hypocrisy of Cruz signing up for a bill he has said he does not support (these people tend to be critical of Cruz)
    • Rebuttals that Obamacare is law, and so Cruz didn’t have a choice (these people tend to be supportive of Cruz and critical of Obamacare)
    • Statements that Cruz, along with at least one other Congressperson, is offered health care through Congress and turned it down in order to sign up with the ACA as a political statement. These commenters tend to be journalist and news organizations.
  • Reactions, both supportive and critical, to a statement by Cruz that “global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat-earthers.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Compass can benefit your organization by following social media conversations in real-time, or if you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Until next week!

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