Updates: Timelines, Subsets and Vectors

Here at Luminoso, we are committed to consistently improving the science of our system. Over the weekend, a few upgrades were made live in our Dashboard.

As an example to help show the what the new updates look like, we’ve taken a few screen shots from our Amazon Kindle Fire project.

Timeline Accuracy

Topic timelines are now based on all of the documents instead of using a sampling, making them more accurate than ever before.


The scaling of topic-subset correlations has also been improved, so users can now make direct comparisons to topic timelines, in addition to more accurate comparisons between subsets.

Previous Timelines and Subsets

Old Timeline

Old Subsets

New Timelines and Subsets

New Timeline New Subsets


We’ve increased the accuracy of our vectors (the fundamental portrayal on which our visualizations and statistics are based), resulting in small improvements in the accuracy of correlation values.


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