Searching through documents in order to understand association with sentiment and topics of discussion can be a cumbersome process, especially with multi-page responses. We’ve introduced highlighting to our system – a feature that brings exact and conceptual matches to the readers attention, regardless of their location within the document. This provides users with instant insight into what drives discussion on a document level.

In this example, the term “charger” has been queried. The system automatically highlights all exact matches in blue, and conceptual matches in light grey.



Highlights work on complex phrases and parts of multi-word concepts as well.

The system highlights exact matches, as well as logical iterations of the word.


“Kindle Fire” – a portion of a multi-word concept – is highlighted when searched, while the entire concept is highlighted if “Kindle Fire HD” is queried.


For API users, we make the indices into the text for each term available on every document, so you can find relevant portions of documents faster.


Token Authentication

The Luminoso API now supports standard token-based authentication, making it easier to write an API client in any programming language: each request is authenticated simply by including a header containing an API token.

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