Luminoso Job Openings — UI/UX Developer and Visual Web Designer

Luminoso is currently hiring for two positions: a UI/UX Developer (full-time employee) and a Visual Web Designer (contract-based employee).  As with all employment at Luminoso, we are an equal opportunity employer and a darn awesome place to work.  For more info about the team, take a look at our team page on our website.

UI/UX Web Developer (Full-Time Employee)

Luminoso is looking for a front end developer to join our engineering team. You will put your expertise in browser technologies to work building a world-class user experience for the users of our web interface.  The successful candidate will demonstrate:
  • Excellent competence in CSS, HTML and Javascript. (We use CoffeeScript/Stylus.)
  • An example of your work in the form of a side project, portfolio site, or contribution to an open-source project.
  • Experience building web applications using a structured framework (e.g. Backbone.js, Knockout).
  • An understanding of responsive design and how to leverage CSS3 for responsive designs.
Visual/Graphic Designer (Contract)

Luminoso is looking for someone to design the look and feel of one of our upcoming products. We’re looking for someone with web design experience, capable of taking a project from the wireframe stage to a completed visual design. A portfolio is required — impress us with your skills!

This is a contract position, specifically geared toward our needs for an upcoming project. A longer-term relationship is possible if we are particularly pleased with the outcome of this collaboration.

If you’re interested in either position above, please email with a link to your GitHub/Dribbble account, portfolio, and/or resume.
Luminoso may also be hiring for development operations and/or a Python developer in the coming months.  If you think you’d be an awesome fit for our team and want us to know it, feel free to email (with a link to your GitHub account, portfolio, and/or resume) and try your hand at our code sample prompt.

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