The Dave Fort Puzzle

As Labor Day passes, we poor startups have to send our summer interns back to school. One of them was our amazing prospector, Dave Fort, who’d been doing a great job for us finding exciting leads before it turned out that HBS wanted him back. But how to say a proper goodbye?

Our answer, inevitably, was a puzzle. Specifically, the brilliant Lance Nathan, still our first and only employee #1, wrote this puzzle for us all to do over lunch to celebrate. Give it a shot — it’ll be fun even if you’re not a puzzle person and even if you don’t know the wonder that is Dave Fort. Just remember that the final answer is a single phrase you get from stringing the matching letters together. It’s a reminder for us and particularly for our writers of hard team puzzle hunts that it’s nice to get a little extra joy from a puzzle you can solve quickly, all on your own, and a reminder that our interns are great.

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