New Luminoso Features

Just a quick post to announce some of our new features. We’ve been hard at work since our last major launch and it seemed like a good time to round up some of the changes. There’s plenty more in the fit-and-finish category, of course, but these are some quick highlights:

  • Languages: we’ve added Portuguese and Italian.
  • Difference topics: if you want to search in the dashboard for the difference between ‘greasy’ and ‘healthy’ rather than either greasy or healthy, you can now just put a minus sign in your search. Searching for ‘healthy – greasy’ gets you a better spectrum. This is the best way to do context-based sentiment analysis too — just make a ‘good – bad’ topic and use the API to score documents on that spectrum.
  • Documents with a url in their source dictionary link from the dashboard to the url, letting you find documents in their original context on the internet or within your internal system. CSV uploads now permit a ‘url’ column, which will populate this field.
  • Speaking of CSVs, we’re now completely free of UNIX time dates on the dashboard. No more seconds since 1970.
  • Lots of performance upgrades.
  • Users can now receive emails when their projects complete.

Our clients or anyone who’d like to learn more can always get in touch for a quick tour and we’ll be rolling out some videos around some of the new functionality soon.

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