Luminoso Patch Notes, July 16, 2013

We’re thrilled to release today a major upgrade of Luminoso! This is one of the biggest changes since we started up and it’s incredibly exciting to be sending them out to the world. Our full set of change notes is below, but kind of understates the case: we’ve got new everything, so it’s well worth a look. Of course, if you’re interested in what you see, why not get in touch?

Version bump! Luminoso’s new version includes major upgrades to all parts of the system. However, this new version does not automatically upgrade old projects. If you need a project moved to the new system, let us know and we’ll oblige.

Our API client for Python has been upgraded and can be installed over pip. The Ruby client has also been released on our Github page; our Java client will be revised soon.

For our existing clients, version 3 will be up through the end of the year; while we encourage you to switch to version 4 for all the new goodies, version 3 will still be there for you. Trial users will be migrated automatically over the next few weeks.


  • Luminoso is proud to include our first set of non-English languages in this release. We now support English, Spanish, French, and German. More new languages will be coming soon.


  • Entirely revamped user experience. Smoother cloud, topic generation, color choice, etc.
  • Subset size counts now appear in the UI.
  • Related terms list is now longer, scrollable, and can highlight the cloud by mouseover.
  • Fulltext of documents viewable inline.
  • Timeline view upgraded substantially — selectable granularity, mouseover for numerical comparison, etc.
  • Account management. You can add and remove users to and from your account through the Luminoso web app, including providing read-only access to some users. This includes things like inviting clients to share projects you’ve built for them.
  • Date parsing. When uploading CSV files, our system will attempt to understand dates in several formats, including standard date formats and UNIX time. The preview will let you know if we’re doing it correctly.


  • API has been upgraded to version 4. This is a major version number release and accordingly it will break compatibility with existing code. In most cases the required changes will be minor, (viz. switching the ‘projects’ and account id in the url), but they do exist. Full documentation is at
  • Project renaming. User-visible names of projects are now editable; projects now return a unique identifier upon creation which should be used to refer to them programatically.
  • Faster document preloading. When using the API to add new documents to a project without a model or that you don’t want to use the existing model for (presumably because you’re rebuilding it shortly), you can upload documents to the new ‘preload’ endpoint, which makes it quicker to build a project.
  • Parallel computation for large projects. Luminoso automatically guesses how many processors to use on your project to make it complete most efficiently.
  • More account control. Reset passwords, manage user permissions, and more.

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