Luminoso Webinar: The Guide to Good Data, Part I (July 10th, 2 PM EDT)

Luminoso’s text analytics software allows our customers to efficiently and effectively understand large tracts of text, without having to read every word of it. Customers come to us with text in one hand, and specific business questions in the other; our software gives them the answers, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

In text analytics, not every story follows an arrow-straight path. Sometimes, we discover answers that are unexpected, or concern questions that weren’t even asked. There are times when the expected answers simply don’t exist within the text data on hand. One of the keys to successful text analytics (aside from choosing the right software, of course) is understanding which text data contains the answers you need, and where it can be found.

Join us on Wednesday, July 10th, for our educational webinar, “Luminoso’s Guide to Good Data, Part 1: Where can you find useful text data?” We will discuss the uses and pitfalls of different data sources, from the humble consumer survey, to the hottest social media sites. You may be surprised to find where the valuable data is- and isn’t.

Register for the webinar at:

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