Launch webinar!

So you have data. Tons of it. Some of it is easily quantifiable, organizable, and analyzable.

But a lot of that data is in the form of complex text –sentences that contain ideas and insights a computer couldn’t understand. Until now.

We’re introducing Luminoso (, a new text analytics engine that understands what people are saying the way we understand each other.

Developed by MIT Media Lab alumni, Luminoso’s software is built on a structural foundation of common-sense reasoning. Because it contains a massive body of cognitive understanding, Luminoso identifies the nuances and colorations of meaning in any written text.

It connects the dots and draws out patterns and associations not possible before, because it grasps the conceptual meaning of language.

Let us surprise you with a technology that knows the difference between “a webinar you won’t want to miss” and “a webinar that everyone should miss.” Luminoso’s launch webinar on Tuesday, April 16th, 2 PM EDT is definitely the former. Join us and see and see how we can put your text in context.

Registration URL:
Webinar ID: 135-448-403

UPDATE: Our webinar provider appears to be down right now. We hope you’ll remember us and come back when the link is working. In the meantime, you can join our mailing list on our home page.

UPDATE 2: Webinar’s back up!

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