Webinar on Web Data for Market Research

A few months back, we were introduced to a company called Connotate which makes web content monitoring software — that is, a great tool for getting information out of webpages and into a workflow. Since so much of the web is text and we’re all about analyzing and making sense of text, they’re basically bacon for our chocolate.

Our joint efforts with Connotate originated in a client project: we were working to deliver a breakthrough Voice of the Customer solution for a major consumer packaged goods manufacturer. Connotate proved to be the ideal solution for gathering unstructured product review comments and transforming them into a usable, structured format. We’ve used them in several other contexts since, formed a proper partnership, and are doing a webinar on the use of Web Data in Market Research next Thursday, 11/1, at noon Eastern time. It’s going to be pretty cool. The Webinar will feature Dennis Clark, Luminoso’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Chris Giaretta, Connotate’s Vice President of Sales Engineering. We’ll tell you about

  • Fundamentals of the Web data collection (the automation process)
  • Differences in data sources (Deep Web,  password-protected sites, social media)
  • How to compare cost/benefits of manual versus automated approaches
  • Fundamentals of sentiment analysis
  • Real-world use cases of web data collection and analysis

And, of course, more.

RSVP here. We’d love for you to join us.

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